Please join Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser online for “Conversations with Wyckoff Wizards,” during which Roman and Bruce will discuss both fundamental aspects and more advanced nuances of the Wyckoff Method of trading and investing.  Richard Wyckoff developed his methodology from observing the market operations of legendary traders such as Jesse Livermore; many successful professional and institutional traders approach the markets using his timeless principles.  Bruce has described many of these principles in his weekly blog at, entitled “Wyckoff Power Charting.”  In “Conversations with Wyckoff Wizards,” Roman and Bruce will discuss some of Bruce’s key blog posts, focusing on the underlying concepts and their applications to current markets.  Webinar participants will have opportunities to ask Bruce and Roman any questions about the blogs or anything else regarding the Wyckoff Method.  Please join these informative and engaging sessions!

 Dates: May 9th, 16th and 23rd; 4:00 -6:00 pm PDT

 Cost: Only $49 for all three sessions!

Roman Bogomazov is an internationally recognized expert on the Wyckoff method of trading and investing.  He is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he teaches the Wyckoff method as well as trading plan development, back-testing and trading performance.  Roman is also a Principal and instructor at, an enterprise dedicated to providing online Wyckoff Method education to traders throughout the world. He has been an active trader of stocks and futures for twenty years.

Bruce Fraser has been teaching graduate courses in Technical Analysis at Golden Gate University since 1987. Along with Dr. Hank Pruden, he has developed curriculum for and taught many courses in the Technical Analysis Graduate Certificate Program, including Technical Analysis of Securities, Strategy and Implementation, Business Cycle Analysis and the Wyckoff Method. Bruce has been a devoted Wyckoffian for the past 35 years, using this method as the foundation for his trading and investing. He continues to enjoy team teaching Wyckoff courses with Dr. Pruden. Bruce publishes a popular educational blog at entitled “Wyckoff Power Charting”.

Note: The webinar link for May 9th session will be emailed on May 8th. All sessions will be recorded, and all recordings will be posted on this website for our attendees.

May Special: Conversations with Wyckoff Wizards