Wyckoff Method Trading and Education

Trading Education and Mastery

Trading Education and Mastery

At Wyckoff Analytics we offer you an exciting educational path to increase your trading profits through a series of interactive webinars based on the pioneering market insights of legendary trader and educator, Richard D. Wyckoff. Many successful professional traders use the Wyckoff Method to read price bars and volume to infer the intentions of large institutions ("the smart money"), and thus to anticipate (and profit from!) future price movement. 

The Wyckoff Method works well on all time frames in which institutional traders and other large-scale professionals operate, including intra-day, swing trading (days to weeks), and longer-term investing (months to years).  Our students and alumni apply the Wyckoff Method to trade stocks, options, ETFs, commodities futures contracts, E-minis, currencies and crypto-currencies - in short, they have found that this approach to recognizing the hallmarks and directional bias of institutional trading works in all freely traded markets.

Our in-depth Wyckoff Trading Educational Curriculum provides traders with a thoughtfully sequenced route to Wyckoff Method mastery with the following:

The Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC), in which we present the fundamentals of trading in alignment with the institutions through modules on Structural Price Analysis, Supply and Demand, Relative and Comparative Strength, and Creating a Wyckoff Trading Plan.      "Studying Wyckoff under Roman is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. While progressing through the Wyckoff Trading Course, I earned 15x the money that I paid for tuition." (PL - WTC graduate)   WOW, thank you for persuading me to do the WTC, Roman. You were absolutely right when advising me to do the course, even though I had read many books already. There's so much valuable info I did not get from studying all those books. You are filling in many gaps that caused me to doubt myself or created insecurity in my mind regarding my analysis and you provide even more!  My mind is spinning and I'm loving it! It's been a while since I felt so challenged and I can't thank you enough for it!”  (IN – WTC Spring 2019)

The Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course (WTPC), designed to reinforce WTC analytical principles and trading tactics, and to help refine your skills in visual pattern recognition and trade management.      "The Wyckoff course presented by Roman is a fundamental teaching of market dynamics and the internal forces that cause them to happen. This avoids the need for indicators and guessing, just the knowledge of how to read the tracks left by the big market operators and identify the highest probability trades with the highest profitability.” (CC – WTPC graduate)

Weekly Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD) webinars, built around our Wyckoff-based analyses of current major U.S. indexes, sectors, industry groups and individual stocks, as well as several popular futures markets.  Many members of our vibrant Wyckoff educational and trading community have participated in these sessions for years.     "What could be better than going to the weekly 'Wyckoff Market Discussion' and hanging out with the smartest Wyckoffians in the room to get their thoughts on the world of Wyckoff?  The answer is nothing.  Every week, without fail, Roman and Bruce tackle market complexities.  Roman's rants and analysis are becoming legendary. Bruce, is always well armed with charts and incredibly deep Wyckoffian thinking and market history.   You can even submit your own work for Wyckoffian review by Roman and Bruce.  How cool is that? The leaders in Wyckoff reviewing your work and helping move you down the path of mastery.  No better value out there!  Thanks Roman and Bruce." (JC - WMD participant)

Monthly webinar series focused on specific topics, including Swing Trading and Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method.  These courses provide additional analytical nuances and tactical distinctions to help you make more money trading stocks, futures or other markets.      "Great webinar, well worth the time and money. I'm most impressed by the completeness of the program, from finding stocks to VERY DETAILED Point of Entry methods...to ways to ensure that you stay in the move while showing the best time to get out...That's what I've been looking for." (JD - workshop attendee)

Finally, our students and alumni have exclusive access to our Wyckoff-themed proprietary research tools, created to help you select the best stocks to trade!

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Upcoming Events and Classes:


BEST OF WYCKOFF 2019 Online Conference
We are proud to announce the 5th annual Best of Wyckoff Conference, a collection of cutting edge thought on Wyckoff methodology for modern trading. Our speakers are experts, traders and teachers that have collective experience of over 100 years of trading using the Wyckoff Method. They will present their best techniques for using the Wyckoff Method of chart analysis and tactics in your trading.


Wyckoff Trading Course Fall Series
Learn how to identify, track and trade in harmony with professional and institutional traders’ market operations. The Wyckoff Method allows you to anticipate the likely future direction of the market by “reading” price action and volume, which are driven by the activities of these large interests. Click here to attend the complimentary first session on 9/9.


Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course Fall Series
WTC graduates will apply and refine their visual pattern recognition and trade management abilities using Wyckoff trading techniques. Using chart-based exercises, they will refresh and broaden their practical knowledge of Wyckoff trading techniques under varying market conditions. Click here to attend the complimentary first session on 9/10.

Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD)

Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD)

Wyckoff Market Discussion Webinars 
Click here to attend the FREE session on 8/28!
Please join us online each Wednesday afternoon for a Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD). We start with our "market rant," an in-depth look at major U.S. indices and their reactions to national and international news events. This is followed by a detailed analysis of market sectors, industry groups, leading stocks, and several commodities from a Wyckoff Method perspective. We also discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates. These sessions are hosted by Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser, both internationally recognized authorities on the Wyckoff Method!  Please click on "LEARN MORE" below to subscribe now!

Future Specials and Classes - check back for details!

October 2019 Special: Scanning and Filtering for Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups by Roman Bogomazov and John Colucci, Jr.
November 2019 Special: Momentum and Volume
December 2019 Special: Long-Term Campaigns and Swing Trading