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The Wyckoff Campaigns blog series will identify and follow stocks and ETFs mainly in the US and Europe as they develop through price structures. The objective of the series is to apply the Wyckoff methodology to analyze price structures and provide expectations of how they will unfold; both a long-term and short-term basis. Post analysis will be conducted to deepen knowledge as to why trades failed or succeeded.

Blog Posts

07/10/2019 - The Nuance of Effort vs Result #2 - Update to 07/01/2019 post
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07/04/2019 - Accumulation or Distribution? #1 - The key giveaways the CO and Institutions leave behind
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07/01/2019 - The Nuance of Effort vs Result #1 - How to apply this nuance law to fractal price structures
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06/27/2019 - US Utilities #1 - Did you know Utilities have outperformed Tech and the S&P 500 since the turn of the century?
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06/24/2019 - Gold and Gold Miners #1 - GLD, GDX, KL and AEM are discussed as a bullish thesis for gold and gold miners
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Jack Corsellis
Jack Corsellis bought his first stock in 2012 and watched it lose 95% of its value. This experience lead to a journey to find what works in the stock market and how it operates. After reading and studying hundreds of books and strategies he finally found the Wyckoff Methodology. Jack has taken the Wyckoff Analytics Trading Course and studied the books of legendary Wyckoffians such as Hank Pruden and David Weis. As well as trading, Jack is a content contributor for wyckoffanalytics.com and regularly posts videos and blog posts. These can be found here at wyckoffanalytics.com, at www.jackcorsellis.com, and www.youtube.com/c/jackcorsellis.

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