May 2019 Special with Gary Fullett: A Detailed Look into Springboards, Volume-Price Analysis, and Other Tools of Wyckoff Analysis


In March 2018, Wyckoff Method trader-educators Gary Fullett and Roman Bogomazov conducted three webinars on high-precision execution of Wyckoff trading strategies.  In our May 2019 Special, Gary and Roman will continue their interactive instruction, taking a much deeper dive into some of the principles and applications presented last year, focusing on high-probability Wyckoffian structural points of entry and subtle nuances within Wyckoff’s Law of Effort vs Result (aka Volume-Price Analysis). This course is intended to help Wyckoff traders capitalize on the opportunities created by the market operations of institutions.

In these three two-hour sessions, Roman and Gary will cover:

1) The Law of Effort vs Result.  Thoroughly understanding how to “read” the underlying Efforts vs Results can dramatically enhance your profitability as a Wyckoff trader: This law provides the most important tool for gauging institutional traders’ near- and longer-term intentions, and for planning or adjusting your trading tactics accordingly. This theme will recur repeated in these three sessions, with a goal of accelerating your learning how to apply Volume-Price Analysis bar-by-bar in any time frame.

2) The springboard. The appearance of a “springboard” at the right edge of a chart signals that a stock, commodity or other instrument is (finally) poised to move out of a trading range. Gary and Roman will present common and a few less common variations of springboards (for both long and short trades) in different market conditions, providing guidance on analysis and trading tactics .

3) Last points of support (LPS) and supply (LPSY). These structural features of the Wyckoff chart landscape, in combination with a change of behavior, herald the emergence or resumption of a trend. Gary and Roman will show how analysis of potential LPSs and LPSYs using the Law of Effort vs Results can yield surprisingly valuable information for timing your entries.

All of these elements will be illustrated with case studies of commodities and U.S. stocks. Each webinar will contain materials that you should be able apply to your own trading immediately.  Please join us!

All sessions will be recorded and posted on a password-protected page for participants to access and review for one full year. All participants will receive a pdf file of the slides used in the presentations.

When: May 6, 13 and 20, 2019 at 3:00 - 5:00 pm (PDT)

Cost: $199

May Special: Wyckoff Volume and Price

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About the Presenters:   

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Gary Fullett has been involved in the commodities markets since 1981, when he started as a runner for the Lind-Waldock brokerage (now MF Futures).  Observing order flow, price action and volume on the trading floor, he soon discovered and taught himself the trading principles and rules articulated by Richard Wyckoff, developing such technical skill that professional traders sponsored Gary in a CME S&P 500 seat in the mid-1980s. Leaving the trading floor after several years, he traded for several other firms and individuals, eventually founding his own commodity brokerage firm - LTG-Trading, LLC - in 1995.  Since then he has taught the Wyckoff Method to thousands of traders, been an invited speaker in many forums, and co-taught seminars with renowned Wyckoff expert, David Weis.  At Gary offers a not only commodities brokerage services, but also a newsletter, mentoring, a live trading room, free and fee-based Wyckoff webinars, and other educational products. You may join him for daily market commentary in his live chat room, or for free lectures on the public section of his website Sunday evenings (8:00 CST) and a free stock chat one night/week.


Roman Bogomazov is a trader and educator specializing in the Wyckoff Method of trading and investing, which he has taught for the last five years as an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University. He is also the founder and President of Wyckoff Analytics, LLC, an enterprise providing online Wyckoff Method education to traders throughout the world ( Roman has developed a comprehensive educational curriculum covering basic to advanced Wyckoff concepts and techniques, as well as visual pattern recognition and real-time drills to enhance traders’ skills and confidence. In the last three years alone, he has conducted over 600 classes and presentations, and has taught collaboratively with many Wyckoff experts and traders. Using as a thriving trading community platform, he has come to be known as a teaching authority on the Wyckoff Method by traders around the globe.  A dedicated and passionate Wyckoffian, Roman has used the Wyckoff Method exclusively for his own trading for the last 20 years. He has also served as a Board Member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts and as Past President of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco.

Important Disclaimer:
There is a very high degree of financial risk involved in trading securities, futures and other financial instruments. You understand and acknowledge that you alone are responsible for your trading and investment decisions and results. The materials presented in these videos and slides are for educational purposes only: nothing contained therein should be construed as investment advice.  Roman Bogomazov and Gary Fullett (“Presenters”) are not registered investment advisors and do not purport to recommend which securities or other financial instruments that individuals should buy or sell. Presenters assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for your trading and investment results. It should not be assumed that investments in or trading of securities, options, futures, ETFs, companies, sectors or any other markets identified and described in this course were, are or will be profitable.