April Special: Beyond Springs and Upthrusts - Significant Bars and Horizontal Volume


Our March Special series of webinars with Gary Fullett, High-probability Wyckoff Trade Set-ups and Volume-Price Analysis, generated many thoughtful email inquiries about the materials that Gary and I covered - particularly regarding effort vs results as well as springs and upthrusts in different market conditions. To address some of the most important questions in depth, I will be offering two follow-up webinars in late April, during which I will also present additional new information to help you take advantage of these frequently occurring trade opportunities. (Gary will not be joining us for these sessions.)  This offer is open ONLY to students who participated in the March Special!

Specifically, I plan to cover:

  • Identification of high-probability springs and upthrusts on daily and intra-day charts in the established up or down swing

  • Using intra-day data to enhance timing of entries and exits in trading springs and upthrusts on a daily chart

  • Distinctions in trading tactics for springs and upthrusts in uptrends vs downtrends vs consolidations

  • Markedly improving the results of trading springs and upthrusts through the use of: (1) Significant bar analysis, and (2) Horizontal volume bars [market profile]

In these sessions I will share  the results of my recent research on the influence of volume considerations with respect to where and when springs and upthrusts occur.  (This information goes far beyond the Wyckoff distinctions between springs #2 and #3!) I think you’ll find this information to be an incredibly valuable addition to your trading knowledge.   

As usual, all participants will receive a pdf file of the slides used in these sessions, which will be recorded and posted on a password-protected page for participants to review for a full year.

When: April 19 and 26; 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (PDT)

Cost: $125

April 2018 Special: Beyond Springs and Upthrusts

Important - PLEASE READ: Webinar links and any announcements related to these sessions will be sent to the email address that you have on file with PayPal. If you would prefer to receive information at a different email address, please let me know as soon as possible by contacting me at wyckoffassociates@gmail.com, using the subject line “APRIL 2018 SPECIAL”