We have created a number of indicators for the TradeStation platform specifically designed to assist the Wyckoff analyst.  They are all based upon concepts that are taught in Roman Bogomazov's Wyckoff classes and are great timesavers for students and technicians .   All indicators are available as plug-ins from the Tradestation App Store. 

For any inquiries, contact Howard Lask (Indicators and Visualization Pages):

This indicator is the product of many years of research and development.  The insights gained from this tool will be a huge timesaver for Wyckoff technicians looking to perform Comparative Strength analysis. 

By identifying the positions of swing high to swing high and swing low to swing low of the instrument vs those of the market the comparative strength or weakness of the instrument can be ascertained.

The swing identification used by this indicator is unique in that it is sympathetic to the market environment, swings become more or less sensitive dependent upon the volatility of the instrument.

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his indicator will greatly help the visual identification of swings and significant reversal points.  Unlike other Zigzag techniques this indicator is dynamic in that it uses Average True Range (ATR) of the instrument to determine the reversal point. In this way the indicator becomes sensitive to high and low volatility environments in a way that cannot be achieved by a points or percentage based method

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