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FREE Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course I - Wyckoff Structural Price Analysis (Webinar #1)

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Description: In first 5 sessions of the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course, you will learn how to to read market structure by applying Wyckoff's cardinal insights regarding the interplay of price, volume and time. Understanding market structure allows you to anticipate coming price action.  You will learn to identify and analyze accumulation, distribution, re-accumulation and re-distribution – the key trading ranges that power trends.  You will also learn Wyckoff Method trade set-ups based on market structure, how to enter a new or an existing trend, and how to recognize in advance when a trend is likely to end.   


  • The Price Cycle: Accumulation, Mark-Up, Distribution and Mark-Down

  • Change of Character in an established trend: identifying a change from a trending to a non-trending environment

  • Change of Character in a trading range: identifying price and volume action signaling the initiation or continuation of a trend

  • Trading ranges that generate big trends: accumulation and distribution

  • A key concept in Wyckoff Method analysis of trading ranges: Phases

  • Phase anatomy: Wyckoff Method events (e.g., climaxes, tests, springs, upthrusts, signs of strength)

  • Identifying phases in accumulation and distribution

  • Characteristics of re-accumulation and re-distribution trading ranges

  • Distinguishing re-accumulation from distribution and re-distribution from accumulation

  • Three Wyckoff Method rules for trades based on market structure

  • Delineating Buying and Selling Zones using the Wyckoff Method, including entry and exit strategies

  • Exercises and homework assignments


Course duration: 5 online sessions

Dates: August 28, September 11, 18 and 25, October 2

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. PDT

Regular cost: $1600 for the entire AWTC course (August - December) or $400/month for new students

Discounted price on or before August 28th: $1,500 for the full course or $350 for the first 4 sessions (Aug 28 - Sept 25) and $400/month for next 12 sessions. 

Payment methods: PayPal payment due on or before August 28th

Some testimonials about the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course:

“Roman - without question, your instruction is exceptional and your patience endless.  You have such a mastery of this material: it is both marvelous and astounding.  I finally feel as though there is a way to see order in price action. Your courses offer exceptional value both for the knowledge and time that is made available to students. There is no doubt that you walk in the noble footsteps of Wyckoff himself: developing and sharing knowledge without reserve.”  JC – former student

“If you want to trade and trade well, the knowledge you gain from AWTC is invaluable. You will really understand price/volume action of the markets.”  DF – former student

"Studying Wyckoff under Roman is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. While progressing through the Advanced Wyckoff Method program, I earned 15x the money that I paid for tuition. I won't need to depend on a Social Security check for my retirement anymore."  PL - former student

“Roman is a great teacher.  He engages very well with students online. He is knowledgeable.  He cares about what he teaches. He'll make you work and it is definitely worth it."  RT – former student