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Starting April 6th!  Spring 2017 Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course

The next cycle of our Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course (AWTC) begins on April 6th!  This is our flagship Wyckoff Method educational product, consisting of 16 weekly 2-hour webinars, divided into four monthly segments: (1) Market Structure, (2) Supply and Demand, (3) Relative and Comparative Strength, and (4) Creating a customized Wyckoff trading plan.  In the AWTC, you will learn how to track what professional traders and other large interests are doing in the markets, and how to place your trades along with the big money. Try the first session for free on April 6th to get an overview of the course and a taste of the high-quality content that Mr. Bogomazov delivers.  For more information or to sign up, please click here.

MARKET OUTLOOK and STOCKS REVIEW - FREE webinar on 3/29 with special guest, Corey Rosenbloom!  Register by clicking here!  

Join Wyckoff experts Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser online as they interactively analyze the current status of the market and discuss the outlook for the 2nd quarter and the remainder of 2017, focusing in particular on sectors and industry groups that they see as possibly outperforming the overall market. They are honored to be joined for this two-hour session by acclaimed trader/author Corey Rosenbloom who will give his own take on the current market and the year ahead. The Market Outlook and Stocks Review has become a very popular event; come see why they have had traders attending nearly every week since we began this program over two years ago. Time permitting, they will also discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates. For more information and to sign up, please click here!


  • Unique indicators designed to boost your Wyckoff Method Trading strategy – currently available on TradeStation®
  • Proprietary research tools accessible only by current students and graduates of Wyckoff Analytics educational trading courses – everything you need to analyze both relative and comparative strength of stocks and market sectors
Mr. Roman Bogomazov

Mr. Roman Bogomazov