Wyckoff Trading Method Education, Indicators and Research


Wyckoff Analytics is dedicated to educating traders with a series of online, interactive mini-courses, which can become your path to long-term success and profitability in any market and any timeframe!  Our Wyckoff Trading Educational Curriculum includes the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course (AWTC), the Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course (WTPC) and weekly Market Outlook and Stocks Review webinars.

Unique indicators designed to boost your Wyckoff Method Trading strategy – currently available on TradeStation®

Proprietary research tools accessible only by current students and graduates of Wyckoff Analytics educational trading courses – everything you need to analyze both relative and comparative strength of stocks and market sectors



Upcoming Events and Classes:

Wyckoff P&F chart

Wyckoff P&F chart

August Special: Best of Wyckoff 2017 Online Conference

This day-long online conference on August 19th includes the following speakers; Dr. Hank Pruden, David Weis, Todd Butterfield, Dr. Gary Dayton, Corey Rosenbloom, Stefanie Kammerman, Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov.  They will provide a broad spectrum of practical applications of the Wyckoff Method – from fundamental rules to advanced subtleties and modern innovations.  Presentations will cover: Using “Dark Pool” block trade prints to confirm institutional intentions, psychological heuristics in Wyckoff trading, an interactive demonstration of how Wyckoff students develop mastery of structural and supply/demand analysis and trading tactics, proper use of Wyckoff Point-and-Figure counts to estimate price targets, multiple applications of several powerful Wyckoff Indicators – the Weis Wave and the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute's Optimism/Pessimism Index, Force Index and Technometer and, finally, an up-to-date Wyckoffian review and analysis of current markets. Traders and technical analysts from novice to professional will be able to acquire immediately usable insights about this profitable approach to the markets!  Take advantage of this unique opportunity and register now!


Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course (AWTC) starts August 28, 2017!

Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic

Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic

The next cycle of our flagship educational offering, the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course, starts on August 28, 2017!  The AWTC is comprised of four online mini-courses designed to teach you how to track what professional traders and other large interests are doing in the markets, and how to place your trades in harmony with the big money.  The first three mini-courses present core principles of the Wyckoff Method: (1) Wyckoff Structural Price Analysis, (2) Supply and Demand, and (3) Relative and Comparative Strength.  The fourth mini-course focuses on customizing a Wyckoff trading plan to suit your trading objectives.  Each mini-course consists of four weekly 2-hour sessions.  All participants receive PDF copies of the course materials as well as password access to video recordings of the sessions for one year. 

Market Outlook Intro Slide.jpg

Market Outlook and Stocks Review Online Weekly Webinars

Ongoing Weekly Webinars: Market Outlook and Stocks Review  - Please join us online each Wednesday afternoon for an interactive Market Review and Stock Selection discussion from a Wyckoff Method perspective.  We also discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates.  We are honored that Mr. Bruce Fraser, an internationally recognized authority on the Wyckoff Method and author of the "Wyckoff Power Charting" blog on stockcharts.com, is now participating in these discussions!

When: Ongoing, Wednesday afternoons, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time (four sessions/month)