My Trading Mistakes and Lessons From Them by Frantz Herr

Even veteran investors can make mistakes! Private investor, Frantz Herr, airs out examples of mistakes he has made as an exercise to pinpoint bad tendencies and work on correcting them. Maybe you will see some of your own tendencies in his mistakes, or maybe it will reinforce things you are doing right. These are all actual trades.

Blog Posts

9/12/2019 - INGN; Big winners Need a Trending Market

9/04/2019 - ZS; Proper Setup, Missed the Entry

8/28/2019 - CRON; Correct Bias and Character Analysis, Incorrect Timing

8/20/2019 - JNUG; Correct analysis, execution needs work

8/14/2019 - EDIT - Don’t buy the hype

8/07/2019 - NR - Impatience

7/31/2019 - TVTY #3 - Familiarity does not equal a good setup

7/31/2019 - TVTY #2 - Trade management is key

7/31/2019 - TVTY #1 - Analyze the Price Volume Action in the BUA

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Frantz Herr is a private investor and writer of the blog, My Trading Mistakes And The Lessons From Them. Frantz bought his first stock in 1974 and has had a deep passion for investing most of his life. He retired from Merrill Lynch in 2017 after serving clients as a financial advisor for 32 years. He is now focused on managing his family’s portfolio. 

Frantz has gone through numerous bull and bear markets in various asset classes during his investing life. Over the years he has narrowed his areas of investing interest and spends most of his time today thinking about two markets. He is a disciple of the William O’Neil CANSLIM methodology for growth stocks; and he tracks the market for gold and gold mining stocks. In 2016 he began to educate himself about Richard D. Wyckoff, and in 2018 became a client of Wyckoff Analytics. He has taken WTC, WTPC, a variety of Roman’s special courses and is a regular participant on WMD.

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