1) Only current students and graduates of our Wyckoff Trading Course and/or subscribers to the Wyckoff Market Discussion may submit blogs for consideration.  

2) The blog content must demonstrate proficiency in applying Wyckoff analysis to stocks, indexes, futures, and so forth, and may include both bar and Point-and-Figure charts on any time frame.

3) Blogs must be submitted as Microsoft Word ".doc" or ".docx" files.

4) The blog has to be published either:

a.     As an original piece on (our preference) OR

b.     On another website, provided that we can freely republish content from or link to that website without charge, AND the blog published on that site contains at least two linked references to any pages on our website (

We will be evaluating all submissions and will post to this page those blogs that most thoughtfully represent applications of the Wyckoff Method. We reserve the right to refuse to post any given blog entry.  Every four months we will choose a winner -- a blog that we think demonstrates the most astute Wyckoffian analysis. There may be more than one winner for each 4-month cycle, depending on the number of entries received.

Prizes for the winners include free attendance** at either:

(1)  One month of our Wyckoff Market Discussion sessions OR

(2)  Any monthly Special** (such as the October 2017 Point-and-Figure Course)

The winning entries will be announced at the annual “Best of Wyckoff” conference (typically held in August), as well as during the initial free session of the next AWTC course.  The announcement of the winner(s) of the first cycle will take place on January 5, 2018.

To submit a blog entry, please email it as a Microsoft Word ".doc" or ".docx" file to, and include in the subject line Wyckoff Blog Entry.

Deadline for submissions for the first cycle: December 15, 2017

We are looking forward to receiving your entries! Have fun!

 * We reserve the right to change these rules, without notice, at any time.

** These prizes are valid for up to one year after the announcement of the winner(s). Information on upcoming monthly Specials can be found under the tab "Special Events" on our home page. Blog winners may choose to attend any monthly Special offered except Swing Trading Using the Wyckoff Method and Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method