November 2017 Special: Developing and Understanding Scans for Wyckoff Traders


You've learned and practiced the fundamentals of the Wyckoff Method and you're finding it to be profitable enough to use for your trading and investing.  Though this approach works in any freely traded market, you've probably found that identifying high-probability Wyckoff swing trading opportunities in the U.S. equity markets can be quite time-consuming, even for experienced traders. Readily available scanning routines on popular platforms can find many conventional TA opportunities based on indicators or candlesticks; however, these scans are not so helpful for the Wyckoff trader. 

VPG Chart and the Relative Strength Rankings of the Stocks in the Electronic Equipment & Instruments Industry Group

VPG Chart and the Relative Strength Rankings of the Stocks in the Electronic Equipment & Instruments Industry Group

We have had numerous requests from our students and other traders for a course on scanning and filtering for Wyckoff swing trade candidates.  Developing and Understanding Scans for Wyckoff Traders has been created to meet this huge demand and will provide detailed, step-by-step instruction on developing and refining Wyckoff scans for U.S. stocks and ETFs, using readily available tools on

These sessions will be conducted by Roman Bogomazov and three experienced alumni of the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course who have developed and routinely use some of the scans and filters that will be covered. 

We will be presenting the following main themes for scanning and filtering:

  • Momentum associated with Phase |D| or an established uptrend

  • Re-accumulation, particularly focusing on the occurrence of a potential Phase |C|

  • Top-down filtering -- sectors to industry groups to individual stocks -- using Wyckoffian principles

During the first session we will demonstrate the basics of using the filtering tools on After this introductory material, we will progress through each of the three themes above as follows:

  • The Wyckoff concept to be coded

  • Actual scanning and filtering code

  • Scan results

  • Post-analysis and refinement of the results

We will also discuss the potential influence of overall market conditions on scanning results. 

What will you get out of this course? In addition to learning (and obtaining the code for) several thoroughly tested scanning and filtering routines, you will have the knowledge to be able to create new Wyckoff scans for your preferred trading time-frame(s), and to analyze and refine the results. This should, in turn, allow you to spend much less time prospecting for good trade candidates!

Although Developing and Understanding Scans for Wyckoff Traders can be considered as a natural extension of our May 2017 Special (Back-testing and Validating Your Trading Plan), it is a standalone course appropriate for Wyckoff traders of all levels of experience. 

All sessions will be recorded and posted on a password-protected page for participants to access and review for one full year.  Participants will receive pdf files of the slides used in the presentations. Note: Webinar links for the November 9th session will be emailed on November 7th.

Dates and time:

November 9 at 3:00-4:30pm PST

November 16 and 30 at 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. (PST) 

Cost: $199

Discounted rate: $149 for traders who attended the May 2017 Special: Back-testing and Validating Your Swing Trading Plan

Important - PLEASE READ: We will email webinar links and any announcements related to this course to the email address that you have on file with PayPal. If you would prefer to receive all course-related information at a different email address, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at .


About the presenters:


Roman Bogomazov is a trader and educator specializing in the Wyckoff Method of trading and investing, which he has taught for the last five years as an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University. He is also the founder and President of Wyckoff Analytics, LLC, an enterprise providing online Wyckoff Method education to traders throughout the world ( Roman has developed a comprehensive educational curriculum covering basic to advanced Wyckoff concepts and techniques, as well as visual pattern recognition and real-time drills to enhance traders’ skills and confidence. In the last three years alone, he has conducted over 500 classes and presentations, and has taught collaboratively with many Wyckoff experts and traders. Using as a thriving trading community platform, he has come to be known as a teaching authority on the Wyckoff Method by traders around the globe.  A dedicated and passionate Wyckoffian, Roman has used the Wyckoff Method exclusively for his own trading for the last 20 years. He has also served as a Board Member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts and as Past President of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco.