Wyckoff Method Trading and Education

At Wyckoff Analytics we offer you an exciting educational path to increase your trading profits through a series of interactive webinars based on the pioneering market insights of legendary trader and educator, Richard D. Wyckoff. Many successful professional traders use the Wyckoff Method to read price bars and volume, which allows them to infer the intentions of large institutions ("the smart money") and thus to anticipate (and profit from!) future price movement.

Our in-depth Wyckoff Trading Educational Curriculum includes:

The Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course (AWTC), in which you will learn the fundamentals of trading stocks and futures in alignment with the institutions through modules on Structural Price Analysis, Supply and Demand, Relative and Comparative Strength, and Creating a Wyckoff Trading Plan.

The Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course (WTPC), designed to reinforce AWTC analytical principles and trading tactics, and to magnify your skills in visual pattern recognition and trade management.

Weekly Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD) webinars, built around our Wyckoff-based analyses of current major U.S. indexes, sectors, industry groups and individual stocks as well as several popular futures markets.  Many members of our vibrant Wyckoff educational and trading community have been participating in these sessions for years.

Focused Monthly webinar series on specific topics, including Swing Trading and Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method.  These courses provide traders with additional analytical nuances and tactical distinctions to sharpen their edge and make more money trading stocks, futures, or other freely traded markets.

Our current students and alumni also have exclusive access to our Wyckoff-themed Proprietary research tools -- the tools you need to help you select the best stocks to trade!


Upcoming Events and Classes:

Relative Strength Rankings for Sectors, Groups & Stocks

Relative Strength Rankings for Sectors, Groups & Stocks

November Special: Developing and Understanding Scans for Wyckoff Traders, starting November 9, 2017
Offered for the first time in response to many traders' requests, this series will present a detailed, step-by-step approach to create scans and filters for high-probability Wyckoff trade set-ups. You will learn to develop and refine scans emphasizing three main themes: (1) Momentum associated with Phase |D| or an established uptrend; (2) Re-accumulation, particularly focusing on the occurrence of a potential Phase |C|; and (3) Top-down filtering -- sectors to industry groups to individual stocks -- using Wyckoffian principles. If you're interested in reducing the time you spend looking for Wyckoff trade candidates, this course is for you!

Wyckoff Swing Trading

Wyckoff Swing Trading

December Special: Swing Trading Using the Wyckoff Method Workshop on December 7 & 14, 2017
Wyckoff expert and Golden Gate University Adjunct Professor Roman Bogomazov will be presenting a 2 part (7 hours total) online workshop on Swing Trading Using the Wyckoff Method. Though this approach to the markets works well in any time frame, it's ideally suited to swing trading in harmony with market turns. This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced traders and will focus primarily on trades lasting from a few days to several months. To read the testimonials of previous Swing Trading Workshop attendees, please click on "LEARN MORE" and register now!

Wyckoff Market Structure example

Wyckoff Market Structure example

NEW Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course series starting in January 2018!
The next cycle of our foundational Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course starts on January 8th, 2018.  In these online mini-courses you will learn how to track what professional traders and other large interests are doing in the markets, and how to place your trades along with the big money. The first three mini-courses present core principles of Wyckoff Method analysis: (1) Market Structure, (2) Supply and Demand, and (3) Relative and Comparative Strength. The fourth mini-course focuses on customizing a Wyckoff trading plan to suit your trading objectives and time frame. Please click on "LEARN MORE" to read a complete description and to take advantage of early bird price discounts! 
To attend the COMPLIMENTARY first session on January 8th click here: FREE AWTC SESSION


Wyckoff Market Discussion Webinars
Ongoing Weekly Webinars: Wyckoff Market Discussion (WMD)  - Please join us online each Wednesday afternoon for a market discussion from the Wyckoff Method perspective. We start with the 'market rant', an in-depth look at major U.S. Indices and their reactions to national and international news events. This is followed by a detailed analysis of market sectors, industry groups, leading stocks, and several commodities. We also discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates. These sessions are hosted by Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser, both internationally recognized authorities on the Wyckoff Method!  Please click on learn more to subscribe now!

Future Specials - check back for details!

February Special: Wyckoff and the Elliott Wave Method with Roman Bogomazov and Jeffrey Kennedy

March Special: Mental Practices for Wyckoff Traders with Roman Bogomazov, Gary Dayton and Bruce Fraser