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Upcoming events and classes:

May Special!

Back-testing and Validating Your Trading Plan

Starting May 1, 2017 with Roman Bogomazov!  Structured back-testing of your trading plan shows you how well it is likely to perform and whether it needs to be modified before you risk your hard-earned capital.  During this course, we will review your trading plan(s), back-test them and discuss the results.  From these sessions you will be able not only to evaluate the profitability and expectancy of your current trading plan, but also to add this fundamental capability to your arsenal to evaluate any new ideas going forward.   Please click here for more information and to register now!

June Special with the 'Stock Whisperer', Stefanie Kammerman!

Tracking the Sharks in the Dark Pool: Using Block Trades to Bolster Your Wyckoff Trading

Traders and investors using the Wyckoff Method detect the market activities of institutions and professional traders by analyzing price-volume relationships.  While large operators try to disguise their purchases and sales through many small transactions, often they leave an unmistakable footprint in the form of a block trade of hundreds of thousands, or even a million or more, shares.  Block trades take place off the major exchanges in the “dark pool,” but the price and volume of each trade are still reported later on the tape.  Combining block trade identification with Wyckoff analysis has the potential for *fantastic* synergism in following and understanding the intentions of these “big fish,” and therefore the future direction of the indexes, specific industry groups and stocks.  You will not want to miss this joint presentation by dark pool expert Stefanie Kammerman and Wyckoff expert Roman Bogomazov!  Please click here for more information and register before June 1 to get the $100 early bird discount!

July Special: Intraday Trading Using Wyckoff Online Workshop

Online Workshop on Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method

Join Roman Bogomazov on July 15, 2017 for an all-day online workshop on Intraday Trading with the Wyckoff Method.  Though this approach to the markets works well on any time frame, Wyckoff himself found it to be exceptionally profitable for day-trading.  This day-long workshop, designed for intermediate to advanced traders, includes: pre-trade routines, tactics for trade entry and management, switching timeframes to boost risk to reward ratios, and illustrative case studies.  Click here for a complete description and to take advantage of early bird registration discounts!

August Special: Best of Wyckoff 2017 Online Conference

Save the date!  This day-long online conference will be held on August 19, 2017.  Confirmed speakers include:  Dr. Hank Pruden, David Weis, Corey Rosenbloom, Stefanie Kammerman, Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov.  Please check back for more details including additional speakers and registration information.

Weekly Market Outlook and Stocks Review Webinars

Ongoing Weekly Webinars: Market Outlook and Stocks Review  - Please join us online each Wednesday afternoon for an interactive Market Review and Stock Selection discussion from a Wyckoff Method perspective.  We also discuss YOUR current positions and trade candidates.  We are honored that Mr. Bruce Fraser, an internationally recognized authority on the Wyckoff Method and author of the "Wyckoff Power Charting" blog on stockcharts.com, is now participating in these discussions! For more information, please click here!

*NEW* INTRADAY TRADING ROOM hosted by Roman Bogomazov started April 11th!  These morning sessions for active traders are limited to current students and alumni of the Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course.  Email WyckoffAssociates@gmail.com for more information and to sign up.

  • Unique indicators designed to boost your Wyckoff Method Trading strategy – currently available on TradeStation®
  • Proprietary research tools accessible only by current students and graduates of Wyckoff Analytics educational trading courses – everything you need to analyze both relative and comparative strength of stocks and market sectors
Mr. Roman Bogomazov

Mr. Roman Bogomazov