Frequently Asked Questions


Are your webinars recorded for later viewing?

YES! All webinars for live sessions (the Wyckoff Trading Course, Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course, Wyckoff Market Discussion, and all of our monthly special courses) are recorded and posted on a password-protected pages for paid participants.  If you enroll in any of these courses, you will be able to access and review the recordings for the latter of a full year after the course ends or date of purchase.  

I am a new to the Wyckoff Method.  Where should I start?

Our educational offerings are sequenced to optimize your learning of the Wyckoff Method.  Our foundational Wyckoff Trading Course (WTC) consists of 15 weekly, interactive webinars, with two full cycles in the fall and winter.  A shorter version of the WTC is offered in the summer. 

The first session of each WTC cycle is usually offered for free in order to give traders an overview of the course and an appreciation for how it is conducted.  You can view the first session of the most recent WTC course, recorded on January 8, 2018 by clicking here

If you would like to learn more about the Wyckoff Method before enrolling in the WTC, a good place to start would be the “Resources” tab on our home page, which includes links to free reading materials, books on the Wyckoff Method, and our free video, “How to Select and Trade Winning Stocks Using the Wyckoff Method,” which has been viewed more than 13,000 times on Youtube.

Are there other Wyckoff Method sources that you would recommend?

We have a youtube channel, Wyckoff Trading Method, on which we have posted more than 20 free educational videos.  If you would like to be notifed when we post new videos, please consider joining the more than 3,000 traders who have subscribed to our channel!

We highly recommend our colleague Bruce Fraser’s Wyckoff Power Charting blogs at  In our opinion, these provide the clearest written exposition of the Wyckoff Method anywhere. 

We also offer monthly webinar series focusing on different topics; some are suitable for all traders and others are intended specifically for Wyckoff traders.  These are listed under the “Special Events” tab on our home page.

Some popular monthly series are available for purchase under our “On-Demand” tab on the home page.  These include, among others: Swing Trading Using the Wyckoff Method, Practices for Successful Trading: Establishing Routines and Correct Mental Habits, Practical Technical Analysis: Detecting Tradeable TA Set-ups and Acting on Reliable Signals.