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June Special: Trust the Process!

It is conventional wisdom that traders who are profitable over the long term have learned or developed a system that gives them a consistent edge in the markets. While true, many traders focus on creating and tweaking one or more outcome-centered systems, neglecting the underlying process. I have been teaching and coaching individual and institutional traders for over a decade, and have observed that the best traders concentrate their efforts more on process than results, allowing them to continuously improve their systems over time. In Trust the Process, I will show you how to develop a personal process that incorporates the essential, recursive habits of top traders. These materials should benefit traders at all levels of experience.

During these three two-hour sessions, we will cover:

Filtering - This is the key ingredient of the Trading Process. How do we identify the best potential trade candidates without spending inordinate amounts of our precious time? We will focus on weekly filtering for long-term positions and more frequent filtering for short-term swing positions.

Creation of a Watch List - While most traders maintain watch lists, the latter tend to become clogged with too many choices when markets are trending. How do we keep our watch lists fresh and actionable in the most time-efficient manner?

Variance - Examination of the inevitable variance between the execution of a trading plan and the underlying rules is a *must* for your trading process. We will review the central importance of this concept, how to check for variance BEFORE we put on a trade, as well as how to track variance in real time.

Bookkeeping - as with any performance-oriented enterprise, we traders need to keep good records of how we are doing. Many traders do not do this consistently, and many others do not track some of the most informative variables and statistics, including variance. I’ll be presenting best practices for this foundational element of the trading process.

Post-Analysis - post-analysis of our trades is central to continuous improvement and profitability. We will cover how incorporating variance into our post-analysis process can lead to superior adjustment of our system(s).

These webinars will be recorded and made available to participants on a password-protected web page for a full year after the course ends (i.e., until July 1, 2020), with an option to extend access for another year for a nominal fee. 

When: May 27, June 3 and 10. All sessions will be conducted from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (PDT). 

Cost: $199 

June 2019 Special: (5/27, 6/3, 6/10)