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March Special: High-probability Wyckoff Trade Set-ups and Volume-Price Analysis

Please join veteran Wyckoff Method trader-educators Gary Fullett and Roman Bogomazov for three two-hour webinars on high-precision execution of Wyckoff trading strategies in today’s equities and futures markets.  This course will focus on practical applications of key Wyckoff set-ups and analytical principles, particularly Volume-Price Analysis (Wyckoff's Law of Effort vs Result) in different time frames and market structural environments.  This course is designed to help Wyckoff traders identify, analyze and take advantage of common opportunities that large institutions (aka "the Smart Money") create, and will include:  

1) Gary and Roman's favorite Wyckoff structural points of entry and exit. More specifically, in this first session they will present and discuss what they consider to be the highest probability structural points of entry and corresponding optimal exits, demonstrating potential strengths and challenges of each with illustrative charts of stocks and commodities. Gary will show you how to minimize risk by looking for potentially profitable trades at the edges.

2) Detailed, clear illustrations of Wyckoff’s Law of Effort vs Result in action.  A profound understanding of this principle is critical to understanding institutional traders’ market operations and intentions.  Honing your ability to conduct consistent bar-by-bar analysis of Effort (volume) vs Result (price action) in both consolidations and trends is an integral ingredient in Wyckoff trading success. During the second session of this series, Roman and Gary will walk you through a detailed Volume-Price Analysis case study, which will serve as a great "how-to" model to facilitate your own learning of this vital skill. 

3) Outlook for current markets and the results of recent Wyckoff trades. The final session will focus on how Gary and Roman apply the principles highlighted in the previous two webinars to their analysis of the major indexes, sectors and futures markets, as well as to their own trading.  Though both instructors are experienced Wyckoff traders and educators, they are also - like Wyckoff himself - perpetual students of the market,  analyzing and learning from their trades.  They therefore present post-analysis of some of their trades, providing you with practical, real-world examples not only of how to enter and manage Wyckoff trades in the current markets, but also how to learn from (and continuously improve) your trading.

All sessions will be recorded and posted on a password-protected page for participants to access and review for one full year. All participants will receive a pdf file of the slides used in the presentations.

When: March 15, 22 and 29, 2018; 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. (PST)

Cost: $199