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Wyckoff Trading Practicum Course: Fall 2017 Cycle (Webinar #1)

September - December 2017 Cycle

This course has been designed specifically for AWTC graduates, with exercises emphasizing Wyckoff Method analysis of stock charts as they unfold over time.  Real proficiency in the Wyckoff Method (or anything else, for that matter) comes only with deliberate practice.  Therefore, this course offers participants multiple opportunities to apply and refine their visual pattern recognition and trade management abilities using Wyckoff trading techniques.

The course will consist of weekly, two-hour interactive online sessions as well as homework assignments intended to reinforce and deepen your understanding of how to apply the Wyckoff Method approach to trading and investing.  Specifically, we will be conducting many chart-based exercises on:

  • Accumulation and Distribution Trading Ranges Characteristics
  • Price and Volume Relationship
  • Market Sentiment and Stock News Events Influences on Trade Management
  • Filtering trade candidates using Wyckoff Method Market Structure, Supply and Demand, and Comparative and Relative Strength Analysis
  • Trade tactics and management

These exercises will refresh and broaden your practical knowledge of Wyckoff trading techniques applied to different market conditions, and should give a big boost to your trading confidence!

Course duration: Four sessions per month from August 29 through December 12, 2017; Tuesdays from 3:00 -5:00 pm Pacific Time.

Regular Cost: $300/four session section. Payment can be made via PayPal.

Discounted Pricing until August 28th: Full cycle, AWTC and WTPC alumni - $1,100 and $1,000 accordingly; September series only - $300 and $250 accordingly.

Pricing (Exp. August 28th):