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Tracking the Sharks in the Dark Pool: Using Block Trades to Bolster Your Wyckoff Trading

Tracking the Sharks in the Dark Pool: Using Block Trades to Bolster Your Wyckoff Trading -- Stefanie Kammerman (aka The Stock Whisperer) and Roman Bogomazov will show you how to combine these two approaches to identify very high-probability trade opportunities.  Each of these instructors has more than 20 years’ experience in aligning their own trading with the “smart money”: Stefanie by tracking and trading around dark pool prints (block trades), and Roman through Wyckoff analysis of market structure, supply and demand, and relative strength.  Together they will explore the relationships between institutional presence and the emergence of a trend in different instruments and time frames.  Both Stefanie and Roman have taught thousands of traders how to apply these distinct but related methods: you will not want to miss this joint presentation by these veteran traders and teachers!

The course will cover:

·         Key fundamentals of Wyckoff trading range analysis and block trade identification

·         Specific price-volume indications of institutions’ initiating the Change of Character heralding the emergence or continuation of a trend

·         Using block trades to confirm institutions’ activities and their probable intentions

·         Combining Wyckoff analysis with block trades to pinpoint where institutions have taken their positions (long or short)

·         Interpreting block trades within the Wyckoff market structural context

·         How to spot a correction before it comes using the dark pool prints along with Wyckoff patterns

·         Key characteristics of Wyckoff-Dark Pool signals in various indexes, stocks, commodities and futures: what works and what doesn’t

·         Bottom line: Rules for applying these techniques in your trading

These sessions will be recorded and made available to participants on a password-protected web page for a full year after the course ends (i.e., until June 30, 2018), with an option to extend access for another year for a nominal fee. 

When: June 15, 22 and 29; 3-5pm PDT