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Back-testing and Validating Your Trading Plan

Back-testing and Validating Your Trading Plan.  During this course, we will review your trading plan(s), back-test them and discuss the results.  From these sessions you will be able not only to evaluate the profitability and expectancy of your current trading plan, but also to add this fundamental capability to your arsenal to evaluate any new ideas going forward.

Back-testing and Validating Your Trading Plan is organized in four sections:

First, we will discuss your current trading plans, which will include participant presentations, followed by discussion and suggestions by Roman regarding potential improvements and adjustments to each plan presented.  These sessions will also provide each student with opportunities to learn nuances and distinctions from others' trading plans, as well.  (May 1, 8 and 15, 2017)

Second, we will discuss indispensable elements of back-testing, including how to set up an informative process, what to emphasize during back-testing, and what data should be collected and tabulated during the analysis of results.  (May 22, 2017)

Third, we will break for six weeks to allow participants ample time to conduct back-testing of their plans and ideas.

Finally, we will re-convene to discuss our results and how they can be used to refine our trading plans towards increased profitability.  (July 10 and 27, 2017)

Prerequisite: Completion of Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course or consent of instructor