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Practical Technical Analysis: Detecting Tradeable TA Set-ups and Acting on Reliable Signals

Acclaimed trader and educator Corey Rosenbloom, CMT, will be teaching a five-session, online technical analysis course: Practical Technical Analysis: Detecting Tradeable TA Set-ups and Acting on Reliable Signals. Roman Bogomazov will be hosting these sessions and will supplement Corey's materials with Wyckoff analytical concepts. 
This webinar series includes central TA theories and patterns, trend initiation and continuation, price range contraction and expansion, several key indicators, and some of Corey’s favorite trade set-ups.  During the final webinar, he will integrate these concepts and materials in an extremely practical “putting it all together” session.  Throughout the course, Corey will convey what he considers essential principles, providing a simple, user-friendly tool-kit for traders. 

Course curriculum:

1. Foundational materials (2 sessions)
A. Three market principles: Trend continuity, momentum as a leading indicator, and range alternation (expansion and contraction)
     B.  How to read and interpret different types of charts, including Point-and-Figure, candlesticks, and relative strength charts
     C.  Key market theories and their continuing relevance in 21st century markets: Dow, Elliott and Wyckoff
     D.   High-probabilitychart patterns as described by Edwards and McGee
2.  Indicators (1 session)
     A. Moving averages
     B. Volatility envelopes (Bollinger and Keltner bands)
     C. Volume
     D. Momentum
     E. Market internals
     F. Candlesticks
3. Set-ups (1 session)
     A. Pro-trend (Retracements and break-outs)
     B. Counter-trend (Fades and reversals)
4. Practical applications: Putting it all together (1 session)

Dates: March 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 from 4:00-5:30 Pacific Time