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Special AWC - Setting Price Targets Using Wyckoff Point and Figure Projections presented by Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser

Legendary trader and educator Richard Wyckoff based his investment decisions primarily on analysis of market structure, supply and demand, and comparative strength.  A final, critical component of Wyckoff’s trade selection and management was his unique method to identify price targets using Point and Figure (P&F) projections.  

In this special online series, Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser, both nationally recognized experts who teach Wyckoff trading and investing at Golden Gate University, will explore in depth how to use Wyckoff’s P&F methodology to estimate price objectives for both long and short trades. Starting with Wyckoff’s fundamental law of Cause and Effect, where the P&F count within a trading range represents the Cause, and the subsequent price movement the Effect, Roman and Bruce will cover:

- How to construct a Wyckoff-style P&F chart

- Basic Wyckoff P&F count guidelines and modern applications

- P&F Phase Analysis to predict shorter- and longer-term price objectives

- Using P&F counts in conjunction with bar charts to help time trade entries

Many AWC students and other traders have requested that we offer a course in Wyckoff Point and Figure analysis. This is that course! 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn about a central pillar of the Wyckoff Method!

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Online Course Dates:  Mondays, May 4, 11 and 18

Time: 4:00 -5:30 p.m. PDT

Cost: $250 for AWC students and alumni and $300 for non-students


Pricing options

Earlier Event: April 28
Wyckoff Practicum Course
Later Event: May 5
Wyckoff Practicum Course