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Advanced Wyckoff Trading Course IV - Wyckoff Trading Plan and Trading Tactics (Webinar #13)

The first three mini-courses incorporate foundational elements of Wyckoff’s teaching and are designed to allow you to immediately apply standalone concepts in each to your own trading.   For students who want to integrate these elements more deeply, Mr. Bogomazov will teach how to create a Wyckoff trading plan in the 4th mini-course.  Because the last mini-course relies heavily on the materials in the other three, participation will be limited to students who have attended at least two of the previous mini-courses.   

  • Using filters to improve selection of stocks or options to trade

  • Relative strength filters

  • Structural filters

  • Supply and demand filters

  • Using multiple filters to pinpoint the best trades and times to open positions

  • Market Analysis as a Filter – timing entries in sync with the market

  • Using Wyckoff’s concepts to create a trading plan

  • Backtesting your trading plan with a pre-formatted Excel template – key variables to track

  • Trading tactics for your Wyckoff trading plan: entries, position management, and exits

  • Exercises and home assignments

Pre-requisite: Attendance of all 3 AWTC courses

Course Duration: 4 online sessions

Dates: November 30, December 7, 14 and 21

Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m. PST

Cost: $400 for new students, $250 for AWTC alumni and free to yearly AWTC membership holders

Payment methods: PayPal due on or before December 7